Blackhead remover vacuum with camera M204

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Mlikang blackhead remover vacuum help us:

Avoid too many blackheads in the pores of face nose, which will affect the beauty and health;

Avoid the pores being squeezed too much by blackheads of skin, which can cause skin infection;

Avoid skin loss of elasticity;

Shrink pores and improve skin firmness;

Make your facial and skin more beautiful and healthier;

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Safe & Painless  

Blackhead remover suction head made of eco-friendly material ABS, non-irritating, which can be safely used on the face. Blackhead pore vacuum cleaner uses innovative vacuum technology, and uses an effective physical approach to solve blackhead skin problems, without any chemicals. Without this issue of squeezing, pain, epidermal destruction, or scarring. Blackhead removal safer and more effective than traditional facial cleaning method.  

5 Suction Levels & 5 Suction Probes 

This facial blackhead remover pore vacuum with 5 different suction levels to match with different skin types. different people can choose best levels for their own skin types (sensitive, dry, mixed, oily and stubborn blackhead skin). 5 replaceable probe are designed for different parts skin conditions, this blackhead removal can easily remove blackheads, acne and comedones on the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin etc.  

Blackhead Vaccum Remover
Blackhead Vaccum Remover

Visible Blackhead Remover 

Blackhead Remover Vacuum with Camera Without using extra adapter or cable, this wireless black head vacuum can be easily connected with your smartphone or PC via WIFI, clean skin while watching. Wifi synchronizes skin images in real-time, without delay or stall. 



The Blackhead remover vacuum can be easily connected with your ISO, Android via WIFI. 

USB Rechargeable

Blackhead remover with a 500 mach built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, 2 hour super fast recharge. USB charging cable, compatible with any USB interface device. 

How to use the blackhead remover? 

Step1: Download APP (Android IOS Device) 
Step2: Long press(about 2 seconds) power switch to turn on blackhead remover; 
Step3: Connect the Wireless Fidelity; 
Step4: Make your face to lens and assure it can clearly observe facial pore; 
Step5: Chose a suitable working probe and suction level to remove blackhead; 
Step6: Clean the beauty instrument and keep it dry, convenient to use next time. 

packing list

Product box*1

Blackhead Remover Vacuum*1

Suction Probe*5

Power cable*1

User Manual*1


Power: ≤5W

Input Voltage: 5V/1A

Suction: <65Kpa

Battery Capacity: 500mAh

Charging Time: about 2 hours

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Blackhead Vaccum Remover

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