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As dentist study suggested, only brushing teeth is far from enough to clean your mouth. Because of the complexity of oral structure, traditional toothbrush will just finish cleaning job on teeth surface. Cumulative plaque, odontolith and food bebris stuck between teeth will be hard to clear. String floss may help solve the problem, but everytime it takes a lot of time and hurts gum and tooth enamel. Mlikang Water Dental Flosser will solve all your worries, it helps thoroughly remove the plaque from your teeth, prevents bad breath, cavities, gum disease and keeps your mouth healthy. When used with teeth whitening products, the teeth will be whitened faster and more effective. Its portable design allows you to use at home, in office, after party, in travel anytime and anywhere. A super easy and effective way to solve your oral problems and highlight your confident and charming smiles.

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Equipped with a strong pump, the braces flossers feature 1400-1800 per minute pulse frequency and 40-120 PSI water pressure to bring high-power stream delivery, which removes food residues and stains between teeth and below the gum line thoroughly, keeps your breath fresh and improves your gum health.


Unique LED indicating screen will display mode and battery power, provide you convenient teeth cleaning experience.


IPX 7 waterproof class with ABS listed body provide dual-protection on both interior and exterior of flosser machine, ensures safe use in shower or bathroom;360°rotating nozzle easily cleans hidden areas that traditional toothbrush and jet dental floss are difficult to reach and prevents debris and dental plaque.


The teeth flusher owns 4 cleaning modes for versatile needs: Newbie, Gentle, Normal and Strong, easy to set and choose the most comfortable modes for your teeth, tongue and gum; 300ml water tank stores ample water for continuous flossing, once filling water is able to wash teeth thoroughly, don't need to refill water multiple times.


Powerful 2000 mAh lithium battery will last for 60 days when fully charged; The power dental flossers perform well on cleaning under the gums, pits, fissures, tooth decay, Ideal for preventing oral problems such as tooth decay, plaque, dental calculus, dental implant, orthodontics and periodontitis, etc.

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water flosser oral irrigator
water flosser oral irrigator
water flosser oral irrigator
water flosser oral irrigator
water flosser oral irrigator
water flosser oral irrigator

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