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Mlikang unveils all-new water flosser M141

Apr 07, 2024

Mlikang today introduced oral irrigator M141, an entirely new water flosser designed to give users everything they need to        Deeply clean of teeth. Tackle hard-to-reach plaque, stubborn tartar & food debris with our advanced oral irrigator. Strong water pulses pump out 4 impactful cleaning modes for a one-of-a-kind deep clean. Whether you have gum disease, dexterity issues that makes it hard to floss, wear an orthodontic appliance or have braces, implant, bridges or crowns, our water flosser makes a healthier smile possible. With control buttons on the handle, 4 modes of pressure, 360-degree rotation of the tip, and an extra-large water tank, this dental care tool is ideal for novice and expert users. The cordless water flossers for teeth is compact and won’t take a lot of space on your bathroom counter. It is lightweight, easy to carry in your luggage, with a long battery life of 50 days, ideal for your dental hygiene on the go. This electric floss device comes with 4 nozzles that allow for flexible usage, offer a targeted approach at any angle, and could help prevent tooth decay, dental plaque, bleeding gums, and other related issues.They join Mlikang’s strongest, most powerful lineup ever, and are available to order today, arriving to customers beginning Friday, April 19.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce an entirely new water flosser M141” said Bluce Hou, Mlikang’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “ Our water flosser  M141 can remove up to 99% of plaque from treated areas, and for many users it is the most comfortable method of flossing. Oral Irrigator are also highly versatile: Customizable tips can allow for cleaning around oral inserts such as braces or dental implants, which can be difficult with other types of flossing.”

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